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At Orange County Creatives we are excited to work with an amazing talented group of people who not only create work but often teach others what they do. We offer a wide range of classes focused on kids and also on adults

Watercolor Collage Workshop

Saturday, May 30 from 1 pm to 4 pm

Instructor: Jeni Bate

Jeni Bate
Jeni Bate

Jeni’s Bio:Painting was a frequent joy for Jeni as a child growing up in Wales and she dreamed of becoming a skyscapist. Jeni studied drawing and painting in extension classes and a teaching studio in the Thousand Oaks area. She was very lucky to mostly have teachers who taught composition and materials techniques. She believes that this was one of the keys to helping her be able to develop her voice.  She loved birds and painted a lot of them in the early years.

Course Description:

The refractured watercolor medium is all transparent watercolor on watercolor paper.  Jeni paints each sky or water reflection sometimes up to five times, depending on the size she is working to.  Each variant is in slightly different colors and because it is wet in wet it is always a little different each time.  She then cuts the paintings and collages them back together.

Inevitably there are pieces of the original watercolor paintings left over.  These are combined to make additional artworks.  These are the true collages – pieces having come from different sources to create the whole.  Often these are harder to build than the refractured watercolors because you are not starting with a cohesive set of pieces, or a single sky on which they were based.

The watercolor collage workshop will focus on the collage part of the refractured watercolor technique – each of you will use leftover pieces of watercolors to create your own collage.  If you prefer, you can bring one or more of your own watercolors to work with and create a refractured watercolor.

Who this workshop is for

Anyone who is old enough to be trusted with scissors, glue and paint, and who has or (hopes to find in themselves) a little bit of an imagination and would like to have fun trying this.Age guide 10+ or 6+ if parent/guardian is also taking the class.

What to bring

  • A full frontal apron – or wear clothes that you won’t cry if you get glue on them…this one is entirely on you.

What I will provide

  • Foamcore
  • Mats
  • Glue, brushes, waterpots, scissors, heavy books
  • Refractured watercolor leftovers
  • Watercolor paints for painting foregrounds

What you will learn

  • If there are some non-artists in the group, I’ll spend a few minutes on composition.
  • If people have brought their own watercolor(s) to cut up, I’ll help to calculate your coverage and work on shape cutting decisions.
  • Figuring your coverage area
  • A couple things to watch for when arranging pieces
  • Marking up piece position
  • Gluing tips
  • Foreground tips

What you will go home with

As many watercolor collages that you can complete in a couple hours.  I will have a variety of sized of mats with foamcore cut to match, all in standard size frames.  I anticipate you may complete one 16×20 and perhaps two or three smaller ones.

Fee: $55 for members $70 for non-members (please visit our Becoming a Patron page to become a member)

Material Fee: none

Email us at or call us at 978-473-9658 to register for this class



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