In the Neighborhood

This June, we are very excited to partner with Friendly Center in Orange County, CA to bring “In the Neighborhood” to Orange County Creatives Gallery.  Established over 90 years ago, Friendly Center serves families in Orange County by providing a variety of programs including emergency assistance, tutoring & adult ed classes, counseling services, and job development assistance.  Their beautiful campus also serves as a park and community center for people in their neighborhood.  With centers in Orange, Placentia, and Garden Grove, Friendly Center is able to bring ongoing support to over 1000 families each year.  They embody the meaning of “neighbor” not simply by being adjacent to the homes, but by playing a rich and ongoing role in the life of their community.  A portion of the proceeds from our show “In the Neighborhood” will be donated to Friendly Center.

For “In the Neighborhood,” we invite you to think about what it is that you love about YOUR neighborhood.  What do neighborhoods need?  What makes a neighborhood thrive?  Perhaps it’s a soccer field or farmers market, maybe it’s the sound of jump rope rhymes or bicycle horns.  For me, it’s a cup of coffee on my neighbor’s front porch.  Please use the medium of your choice to convey the feeling of the specialness of YOUR neighborhood.

Orange County Creatives Gallery is located in Laguna Beach, a premier art community and bustling tourist destination.  Accepted work will be on display June 1-23, 2015, with an opening reception June 4, 6-9pm.

Best in Show

#gallery #painting #art
Therese Misner, “Places to Live”





Jurors’ Choice

#painting #art #gallery
Richard Wynne, “Carwash”






Chosen for Exhibition


Orange County Creatives Gallery; Connecting art collectors with amazing artists from Laguna Beach and around the world.

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