Tiny Bites 2015

I was recently given a small box of specialty chocolates and was struck by the artfulness of each piece.  Individually, each was perfect: delicious and beautiful.  When nestled next to each other in the simple, elegant box, each brought out the unique qualities of it’s neighbors.  I was immediately struck by the idea that the art in our gallery functions the same way.  Each piece is perfect unto itself and it’s our job to display them in such a way that they highlight each other.  And so for our February show, what would be more perfect than to transform the gallery into a box of tiny, perfect treats for the eye.  We are looking for small pieces; 12″ or smaller on the longest side.  As always at OCCreatives, there is not a required medium or genre, just keep it tiny!

Art on display in our Laguna Beach Gallery Feb 2-27, 2015

Best in Show

William McAllister, "Full Stop - Oxford"
William McAllister, “Full Stop – Oxford”








Jurors’ Choice

Kathy Huberland, "Winter Leaf"
Kathy Huberland, “Winter Leaf”







Honorable Mentions

Chosen for Exhibition


Orange County Creatives Gallery; Connecting art collectors with amazing artists from Laguna Beach and around the world.


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