Movement 2015

Upon first entering our gallery each day, I am generally struck by the stillness.  Alone with the art, the air is still from being closed up all night.  Then it happens!  While walking by a familiar piece of art, I notice the sun playing along the surface, creating shadows where none were a moment ago.  With every turn of my head, a new detail jumps out at me and the art is alive!  I am in awe of how artists manage to bring life and motion to inanimate objects.  I challenge you to celebrate motion and convey a sense of movement with your art.

Art on display in our Laguna Beach Gallery Jan 1-30, 2015

Best in Show

Nancy Roux, "Panning for Gold"
Nancy Roux, “Panning for Gold”








Jurors’ Choice

Samvel Lajikian, "Karnaval II"
Samvel Lajikian, “Karnaval II”








 Honorable Mention

Stuart Ochilitree, "Two Figures"
Stuart Ochilitree, “Two Figures”








Chosen for Exhibition


Orange County Creatives Gallery; Connecting art collectors with amazing artists from Laguna Beach and around the world.

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