American Dream: Lost or Found

The world we dream of isn’t always what we encounter.  Sometimes we need to create new dreams when what we have been told to hope for doesn’t happen. A portion of all profits from this exhibit will be donated to a local homeless charity organization that helps those encountering struggles recover and rebuild their lives when the American Dream seems to have passed them by. Using the medium of your choice, tell the story of the American Dream: Lost or Found? in your world and community.

Art on display in our Laguna Beach gallery Nov 3-28, 2014

In honor of this show, OCCreatives artist Nancy Torbitt-Stewart donated her painting, “Ballad of a Bushman” to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  The entire price of the painting was donated directly to a local shelter.  “Ballad of a Bushman” is a poem by Wendell Brown, a homeless vet who eeked out a living by writing poetry and selling it on the streets of LA.  Nancy integrated Mr. Brown’s beautiful poetry into her artwork.

Ballad of a Bushman

Nancy-Torbitt Stewart, "Ballad of a Bushman"
Nancy-Torbitt Stewart, “Ballad of a Bushman”








Best in Show

Roberta Nieto, "Fallen"
Roberta Nieto, “Fallen”







Jurors’ Choice

Sharon Pomales, "Cassius, Homeless at 21"
Sharon Pomales, “Cassius, Homeless at 21”








Honorable Mentions

Chosen for Exhibition


Orange County Creatives Gallery; Connecting art collectors with amazing artists from Laguna Beach and around the world.

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